Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In-Depth Review: Soul Calibur V - Collector's Edition

Soul Calibur V: Collector’s Edition 

Note: This review is for the Collector’s Edition contents of Soul Calibur V and NOT the game itself.
Another year, another chance for game makers to entice us with the promise of things we want but do not need (for a small fee, of course). Having been a fan of the Soul series since part 2, I was more than happy to pick up this new set and review it for you guys. This particular Collector’s Edition is for the PS3 and was purchased at Best Buy. As such, there are certain inclusions that are specific to both those choices. I will note the differences where necessary.

What’s Included:
1) Book-Style Display Box
2) Soul Calibur V
3) Hardcover Artbook
4) Soundtrack
5) Making of Blu-ray (PS3 only, 360 includes DVD)
6) White Knight & Dark Knight DLC
7) Dampierre DLC (Best Buy Exclusive)