Wednesday, December 07, 2011

In Depth Review: Jaws: Ultimate Predator for the 3DS (with Pics)

     So, I’m at the Toysrus register picking up the only copy of Jaws: Ultimate Predator. I’m thinking to myself that I’m not surprised that they only ordered one copy. Just then, the guy at the register interrupts my train of thought to ask me if the game’s supposed to be any good. He tells me that lots of people have been picking it up. This review is for him and all the other people who have yet to pick up the latest Jaws opus. 

The Shovelware Challenge:
     I guess the real purpose of this review isn’t really to find out if the game is worth getting. I think we all know it won’t be worth the money we spend on it. This review is to find out if Jaws is the kind of flawed yet fun game that fans can get enjoyment out of (like Hellboy: Science of Evil) or if it’s the kind of flawed yet more flawed game that even fans can’t find pleasure in (like Todd McFarlane’s Evil Prophecy). In short, is Jaws shovelware?

Sunday, December 04, 2011

Playstation 3D Display: An in-depth review

The Playstation 3D display review:
 The world’s first truly in-depth review of Sony’s new 24inch 3D display.

     First things first. This is NOT a TV. This is a display. It does NOT have a TV tuner from which to receive channels from. If you have a cable provider this won’t be a problem. If you don’t watch much TV (like me), this is also not a problem. If not having over-the-air television is a deal breaker, you’ll need to pay for cable, buy a tuner with component/hdmi output, or buy a different gaming monitor.

     I read quite a few reviews of Sony’s new display before deciding to finally pick one up. After reading said reviews, I was prepared for a few things off the bat. I knew the display wouldn’t have the brightest screen out there and that there would likely be a lot of glare. In my time with the display, I have learned quite a bit more.